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The Foundation

Seedbuilders Foundation is a Not-for-Profit organization focused on promoting Technology and Social Innovation, Inclusion for Young Girls and Women, Advocacy for Gender Based Violence Survivors, Youth Skills Acquisition and Entrepreneurship Development and Data services to improve services to local communities.

The design of our programs is preceded by rigorous needs assessment and feasibility studies on focus demographics for each unique community or state we seek to impact.

At Seedbuilders Foundation, we are constantly building programs and developing strategies to harness the potential of Nigeria youth, to channel their energy in to productive engagements that can position them conspicuously on the global stage and give them a competitive edge in the 21st century workplace.

We are also committed to addressing gender-based violence in Nigeria and have been working solely and closely with other groups to advocate for women and girls, especially those that are survivors of Gender Based Violence using the instrumentality of Technology.

As agents of positive change, we promote digital skill acquisition and involvement in social innovation and entrepreneurship. This is achieved through a myriad of programs designed around IT skills training, Business Capacity Development, Incubation of disruptive ideas, funding of social innovations, and inclusion programs for women.

Recently, a Safe Space was created and launched at the Seedbuilders Foundation in Abuja for the survivors of GBV as an avenue for them to get help and assistance in reintegrating into the society while making themselves more self-reliant and confident.


Trained with Digital Skills and Employability Skills


Female-led Startups have been Incubated


Direct Job Placements for Over 2000 trained people


Individuals Sensitized, Counseled and Mentored on GBV